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Vi på Kimono Studio önskar gott nytt år till alla vänner, kunder och såklart även alla ni som ska komma till oss under 2023. Vi tänkte bjuda på en årskrönika som berättar om året som gått och allt spännande vi har gjort. Vi vill först och främst tacka Aftonbladet och Metro Mode som uppmärksammat vår studio och hårda arbetet. Vi har axlat rollen som den ledande studion inom Hyperrealistiska 3D Ögonbryn som utmanar och förändrar branschen.

So, what have we learned and what goals have we accomplished in 2022?

To evolve and expand our business we went to London with an empty glass mentality to study tattoos. This was a big challenge for both of us and a way to step out of our comfort zone to grow. The experience made us look at the industry with new eyes, and we also saw our own shortcomings and gained an even deeper understanding of hygiene, routines and blood borne viruses. We left UK humbled and with the feeling that the more you learn, the less you know.

The Daoist philosophy says that “less is more” and “slower is faster”. We are trying to build up an expertise with in semi tattooing and the way to do this is by focus. We are trying to not fall in to the trap of offering all kinds of services, but rather develop what we have by expanding our knowledge. We challenge ourselves constantly and work hard to summarize and review our experience to learn more. This year we have studied the theory and science behind 3d eyebrows, as well as the technical experience of tattooing. This is to proudly be able to title ourselves professional eyebrow designers, but now also teachers of our trade.

Mimmis thoughts: I always think my best teachers are my customers, and I have learned a lot from you. Because each person is unique, there is no character and face that are the same. Times are changing, age is changing, aesthetics are changing, and because everything is changing, there is no fixed pattern of eyebrow design to apply. The first meeting with my client is my most valuable experience. Everyone has their personal characteristics and without communication there is no inspiration for design. My eyebrow inspiration comes from listening and that's when my imagination starts to create different designs.

I have been in contact with many alopecia and clients who are fighting cancer in 2022 and I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me. You are all very brave and very beautiful. Eyebrows have changed you but also changed me. Without you I wouldn't be able to create my designs, and without you there wouldns be any beautiful results. As a designer, I feel that there is beauty in everything, that is why I tell every one of my guests they’re beautiful.

Jakobs thoughts: This year I have been going through a transformation. Challenged by the constant development of Mimmi and the direction that the studio is taking, my role changed as well. I have always been part of our eyebrow business helping Mimmi with the artistic parts of design, sketch and color theory, but this year we took it one step further. I have researched and re-written the theories behind semi tattooing and while getting deeper and deeper into the subject I started to learn tattooing and by that shaping my own artistic path to match our expertise. A lot of hard work with late nights at the workstation got me to first finishing tattoo school and then starting an apprenticeship. All of this leeding to my first client in December 2022.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who came to the studio, the newspapers and bloggers who wrote beautiful articles about us, our fantastic film team, our models and photographers, our family and friends and of course our children who are part of our family business. We promise much more interesting things in 2023 and we have just gotten started. See you in the studio next year!

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